Greater New York Avenue Gateway Group

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A Roadmap for the Northeast New York Avenue Corridor

Compiled from research, blogs, studies, emails, meetings, and individual ideas.

GNYAGG works with its stakeholders to define an action plan for the Greater New York Avenue Gateway Corridor.


The action plan is broken into the following categories:

Branding and Promoting the Corridor
Creative Economy
Small Business and Workforce Development
Housing and Community Development
Attraction and Retention of Businesses
Transportation, Streetscape, and Infrastructure

Branding and Promoting the Corridor

Branding and promoting the corridor is important in many ways.

Action Plan Goals






Specific Targets:


1. Branding the Corridor to reflect family-friendly arts and entertainment attractions as well as elements of the Creative Economy and S.T.E.A.M.


     It has been suggested that the New York Avenue Gateway Corridor be branded in a different way than other areas, for example, Creative Corridor or Creative S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). The Corridor would be designed for family entertainment attractions as well as for offices with elements of the creative economy and S.T.E.A.M. The corridor would be family and age-friendly.





Creative Economy

The Creative Economy is essential to DC.

Action Plan Goals


1. Promoting the creation of a DC Campus for Creatives: IdeaPlex



2. Promotion of a TV/Soundstage/Movie Studio

Specific Targets


1. A state-of-the-art facility (IdeaPlex) that allows the city to be competitive and handle multi-productions concurrently. 


Ideas include:


  • Creative Offices
  • Conference Center/Banquet Hall
  • Flex Collaborative Office Space
  • Community Share
  • Smart Digital Classroom
  • Broadcast Studio
  • Sound Stream Studio
  • Radio and Sound Recording Studios
  • Performance Arts Venue
  • Motion Picture Soundstage
  • Theater and Cultural Center
  • Performing Arts Venue
  • All Roads Academy: Media + Art + Digital Technology
  • Attraction and Retention of Businesses


    Action Plan Goals


    1. Build Retail Destinations



    2. Casual to Fine Dining Restaurants

    Specific Targets


    1. Costco in Ft. Lincoln has made a real contribution to the retail presence in the Corridor. Lowe's Home Improvement is on the way. It is said that Marshall's Discount Store will be coming. It has been suggested that there be a discount outlet like "Premium" found in other jurisdictions. Others want a Wegman's or HomeGoods. Where future stores might be possibly located or how to attract them would need to be discussed and an action plan developed and implemented.


    For a list of some  businesses in the New York Avenue Gateway Corridor click here.

    The list is still in development and does not include all businesses.

    Transportation, Streetscape, and Infrastructure


    Action Plan Goals


    1. Advocate for a metro station
    2. Protected bike lanes
    3. Pedestrian and Bike Bridge
    4. Anacostia Riverwalk
    5. Streetscape with Public and Playable Art
    6. Improved traffic control
    7. Push for a Circulator bus route
    8. Create a memorable and attractive landmark Gateway structure
    9. Creation of Walk of Hope and Fame public space
    10. Banquet Space

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    Specific Targets


    1. While there is a NoMa/Gallaudet (New York Avenue) metro station, there is a need for a station closer to Ft. Lincoln, New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road, or the National Arboretum.


    2. It is important to ensure that the New York Avenue and also Bladensburg Road are lined with trees and spaces with public art. Some of the art should be art that can be played or climbed on and should be art that community stakeholders support.


    3. ?

    4. Anacostia Riverwalk












    Small Business and Workforce Development


    Housing and Community Development